Frequently Asked Questions

What must I wear in the forest ?

We recommend you wear closed shoes as we are in a forest. Flip-flops and sandals are not allowed on the tree top courses. We also suggest you wear long trousers... Finally, on the tree top trails, long hair must be tied and you should take off any jewels.

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What if it rains ?

Rain does not stop the parks activities exept for the LaserQuest. In case of thunderstorm, the tree top trails can be closed for your safety.

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How long do each activities take ?

To be sure to enjoy the most of your day at CeltAventures, we suggest you arrive as soon as possible. Here are the approximate duration of our activities :

  • The Tree Top Trails : the pass gives access to many courses for 1h30 to 3h00 depending your age. (About 45min / trail)
  • LaserQuest : each session lasts 20min + 10min of preparation and explanation.
  • The Treasure Hunts : our treasure hunts are adapted to every age so they can last from 1h30 to a whole afternoon.
  • Bungee Trampolines : the kids can jump for 10 min/session.
  • The Games on the Ground : they are scatered all over the park. You can enjoy them after your activities or all day as you wish.

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Do I have to climb on the tree top trails with my child ?

Thanks to our safety system on our courses, children can climb safely in autonomy. You can follow your children from the ground.

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Can I leave my child alone in the park ?

Children aged over 15 can stay alone in the park if you sign a dispense at the reception. If they are younger, they must be accompagnied in the park.

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How many people do we need to qualify for the group rate ?

You are counted as a group when you are 20 people or more. You will qualify for the group discount : Group Prices.

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